Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Friday

Friday is a sacred day to this Mommy. Not only does it symbolize the start of a weekend, meaning there will be an extra adult around during the next few days, but it also symbolizes a taste of freedom.

Friday is shopping day.

Many women I know loathe the grocery shopping. I just can't understand that. It satisfies the deepest desire in me to go forth and gather goods to distribute among the masses.

Masses = my four bottomless pits, My Love, and a ravenous horde at Campus Life.

Now if I had to shop with all four kids in tow surely I would have some empathy for those who dislike this chore. However, I be spoilt. My Love makes sure that Mommy gets out to squeeze peaches and ponder choice cuts of meat all on her lonesome. It is my one reprieve. My me time. I look forward to doing exactly what I want to do without having to constantly count heads or keep my ducks in a row. I have no desire to share this time chatting with my girlfriends or meeting someone for dinner... its my time... just for me.

Is it terrible for me to protect this time with my very life? Are there some of you out there who are thinking "why on Earth would she ever want to leave her children behind?" Perhaps some of you do not understand my desire for solitude... and you know what? That is OK. I don't need you to understand it in order to enjoy it immensely.

Usually I start out by hitting the thrift stores. I don't always find something but its the search that relaxes me. I peruse the books for texts that may come in handy for school and I even have accumulated quite a collection of works that will last me through most of my retirement years... when I will actually have time to read them.

Occasionally I find a real treasure amongst the junk of others. I buy it with excitement in knowing that it did not cost me the MSRP of $14.99 but instead a mere fifty cents. HA!

After the thrift store hours have passed I move on to the drug and discount stores where the real work of shopping for six on a tight budget begins. I also get around to any other miscellaneous businesses where I have errands to run. Last on my list of stops is the grocery store. I walk up and down every isle even if I know I don't need anything in it. I'm just lookin'. This is me time...I'll do what I want.

This Fridays adventures in solitude included dropping off applications to various businesses. I did that first then paid homage to the Salvation Army. Do you know what was on their window?


I sort of wanted to inquire... me working at a thrift store would be like a dream come true...


...but I lost my train of thought somewhere between a pile of books and a stack of board games and forgot to get an application. I had thought about it before, working there, but the hours didn't seem to fit my schedule.

When I got home I told My Love about the sign at the Salvation Army. He seemed to think that if I could land a late afternoon/evening position 2-3 days a week that we could make it work.

I was like...

I'm going in to get that job tomorrow (Saturday). Please pray with me that the position/hours will match what I have available. The Salvation Army really is one place I wouldn't mind working. I'm not looking to get rich, just pay for some ballet lessons and maybe some soccer for the boy. It's better than all the grease pits I applied at today... just no one else is hiring.

Speaking of which (getting rich), if you haven't noticed already, I have placed some of those nifty ads onto my bloggypoo. Right now they are in my sidebar but they may move later on. If you have the time I would really appreciate a hearty 'click' on the ol' ad there. I'm not sure how it will pan out but ya never know.

Thanks for hearing me out.

God Bless!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

You gave me a whole different perspective about grocery shopping!! Which is one of my most unfavorite (is that a word?!) things to do!! But then again, I don't have 4 little ones to contend with day in and day out!

Glad you had a great "me time"!! Hope the part-time job will be exactly what you want!!

Blessings on this Saturday!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

shopping is not my favorite thing to do... and I prefer to do it with someone...but just a job thought for you... I have a fried who lives in a big city (st louis) and she shops for people for pay :) she loves it so much she quit her 9-5 and made her own business and shops all day long every day :) but as a side job a few hours a week ... well it might prove to be worty of looking into. OF course alot may have to do with where you live as to if the service is needed.
I am glad you get the time to do what you enjoy the way you enjoy doing it ... that is important!
Good luck with the salvation army job!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

fried is of course FRIEND sheesh

Dena said...

Believe me my friend, I totally understand your love of the blessed "alone time". That's the same reason I used to love going to the grocery store too! Good luck on finding something that fits your schedule!!

Tabi said...

That really sounds blissful! I always have atleast one kid with me and it usually isn't much fun! I have learned though that by letting my littest one hold my phone and listen to music helps out a bunch!!! She always ask for the moooosic when we walk in now!

I am praying for you and the job!God is going to take care of your needs some way!!

Tabi said...

Oh and by the way, can I get your address again..I mistakenly deleted my three pay if forward emails, with your adresses

farmlady said...

You are one smart lady. Giving yourself some "me" time is so important for a stay at home Mom. Some folks might not understand that grocery shopping can be relaxing but I do. Just having the time to yourself, without distraction, is important.It makes you a better Mommy when you come back home.
Go for the job at the thrift store. They're are usually pretty flexible about hours.It will do you a world of good and you'll get first choice on all the best stuff.

sara said...

I totally understand your need for alone time....just not at the grocery store!!! mine is to Barnes and read in a corner!!! I really dislike grocery shopping!

so do you really earn $ with those ads? how does it work?

a corgi said...

I think its neat you have that time to go shopping ALONE!!! what a sweet Love you have!!! that job at the Salvation Army sounds like it could be a Godsend!! will try to remember to say a prayer for you.....


Julie said...

Good luck with the S.A. job! It would fit you like a glove... but I think both of us should get brave and try to write for a living. :)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

I totally understand the alone time--protect it with your life! I think it is your sanity when the kidlets are little.

BTW--have you ever thought about selling anything online? I have made a very good living the last 10 years staying home and selling online. Give me a holler if you want to know more about how I do it.

Andi said...

I'm proud of you for sticking to your "me" time. I'm praying your job search works out. I'm just now back after being away from my computer for a whole week! And I didn't even break out in hives!