Monday, February 26, 2007

Loved to Death

The story behind this one is that at Christmas my pastor asked if I had any Christmas type poems he could read during the church service. I didn't. So I thought I would get a jump on Easter just in case he asked again. I know its a little early for Easter but then there is no time like the present. It's dedicated to my mother because I presented it to her on her birthday as a gift from the heart.

Loved to Death
Dedicated to my Mother
Who has died to self many times on my behalf

King of all kings, Lord from on high,
He became common but for to die.
He rode in a king then was sold for slaves cost.
He gave up His glory that I not be lost.
Betrayed, accused, beaten and shamed,
For the sins of man this king would be blamed.
His body was broken His blood was shed,
A crown of scorns placed on his head.
“Forgive them Father they know not what they do.”
He was speaking of me, was He also of you?
For with each sin I pierced His hand.
But before His Father blameless I’ll stand.
Death could not keep Him, he rose from His grave.
As He told His disciples, He came to save.
Now ascended to reign on high,
He is my advocate in the sky.
Also, within me, a still small voice.
Not by my doing, it was His choice.
To save a wretch so wicked and lame,
But now in God’s eyes we are one in the same.
Thank you, my Brother, for enduring that day.
For dying that in my heart you might stay.
Thank you, my Savior, for rising up,
For praying for me and drinking that cup.
Thank you, my friend, for dwelling in me
And causing this one, so blinded, to see.

By His Grace

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