Thursday, November 16, 2006

True Friend

I want to do what I know I should,
But the world distracts me from doing good.
"Don't you dare be different or I'll turn my back."
Why does that scare me? Its favor I should lack.
It is God's praise that I want to see.
I can not avoid Him, the Holy One in Three.
The world could never be a true friend.
It boosts my ego, yet condescends.
Giving and taking without any meaning,
It makes me feel good, but the feeling is fleeting.
It gives me darkness to cover what is true,
That I am a sinner only earning what is due.
A true friend is my Lord, and even more,
He is my Brother, my Father, my Counselor.
My Saviour, my Light to show me the way,
There is no darkness in Him, only day.
He gives only truth, without Him I'm dead.
But He, in His grace, died in my stead.
The world lost its grasp, He has quenched all my fears.
I feel reverence for Him, His blood and His tears.

Oh Lord, keep me strong, to be different from them.
To not take the lies of the world as my friend.
Your glory shining with truth I desire,
Pull me by faith from the muck and the mire.
Cleanse my soul although its casing be foul.
Shine your light in the darkness where my enemies prowl.
Make me your vessel of righteousness,
Then perhaps through me my friends will be blessed.

By His Grace

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